Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 World Surf Kayak Championship Report

Congratulations to the US West Surf Kayak team for taking 7th place at the 2009 World Surf Kayak championships in Santa Cruz Portugal. This years team consisted of a small group of seasoned competitors and many fresh new faces. The team described conditions as being fierce, the paddle-out hard, and the competition fun. The performance of the US West competitors was superb both individually and as a team.

US West Final Team
Devon Barker
Jim Grossman
Jeffrey Hille
Rachael Krugman
Carlisle Landel
Wayne Waddington

The team had several medalists in individual competitions:
Devon Barker placed 4th in women's HP (short boat)
Jim Grossman placed 1st for master IC (long boat)
Jim Grossman also placed 3rd for master's HP
Wayne Waddington placed 4th in the world for grand master IC