Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 US West Surf Kayak Team

Congratulations to the US West Surf Kayak Team, who will be representing the West coast at the World Championships in Portugal this summer!

Bios soon-
Jeffrey Hille
Devon Barker
Wayne Waddington
Jim Grossman
Andrew Nolan
Dennis Judson
Alex Stubbs
Erik Miller
Rachael Krugman

New Commitee

There is a new committee for the US West Kayak Surf Association. We met, and we're committed to helping promote the sport here on the west coast. We've just started, but we've got some ideas so watch this space for updates....

The new committee is:

Kristie Koski
Wayne Waddington
Sean Morley - Team Trainer
Dave "The Wave" Johnston - President
Jameson Riser
Jennifer Dohrman - Treasurer
Geoff Jennings - Secretary