Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here is clarification on the sign ups for the team trials at Santa Cruz. We hope to be sending out a corrected standings list by this weekend. We had one but found some errors so we are rechecking it to correct those and for complete accuracy. These are the same rules that have applied for every team trials in the past on the West Coast.

• In order to be eligible for the trials you must have competed in one West Coast event in the last 2 years (2007-08). Official events include Santa Cruz, Davenport, and Hoebuck.
• You must be willing to commit to going to the worlds in Portugal in July-Aug of 2009. This is the official team trials not a come see how you stack up for the fun of it contest.
• Everyone signing up for the team trials must send a deposit check for $200.00 towards the team fees. This check WILL NOT be cashed unless you qualify for the team. If you do not qualify for the team your check will be returned or shredded (your choice). If you qualify for the team the check will then be deposited into the team account as your commitment to go to the World Championships. This deposit is non-refundable at that point as it is a commitment on your part to represent the team.
• All checks need to be sent to Mickey Stowell at the address below by March 1st in order to secure your spot in the team trials. Mickey will bring them all to Santa Cruz and they will be distributed according to the final results. IE, returned or deposited shortly thereafter. Do not send the checks with your contest fees as they are not accepting the responsibility of that and unless I get them in time, you will not be added to the team trials. Send the checks made out to Rick Starr to this address:

Mickey Stowell
2462 W. Harriet Ln.
Anaheim, Ca. 92804

• This notice is being posted on Boater Talk and the committee and team website at:

If there are any questions feel free to ask. If you have already signed up for the team trials you will be getting contacted by phone or email about this from one of the committee members, either Morlee Griswold, Mickey Stowell or Dan Crandall.

The West Coast Surf Kayak Committee